Improving your productivity by generating knowledge from machine and production data.

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What is is your independent industry 4.0 platform for industry, plant construction and mechanical engineering. Highly scalable, secure, and efficient, it offers you a quick and efficient introduction into the world of digitalised manufacturing.

With you can start your data driven processes quickly and easily, allowing you to lay the foundation for analysis and optimization of your plants and machines.

Capturing Data

To overcome challenges

Capture data from your machines and facilities quickly and effortlessly. Whether you want to build a new plant, capture data from machines already in operation, or track your whole production line, we have the solution for you. Our data collection is done via CloudPlug, which is compatible with the interfaces of all common control units. The CloudPlug has a highly modular design and can be customized to meet the exact requirements of your specific application. Industry 4.0 is not exclusively for new facilities. CloudPlug connects machines regardless of age, utilizing OPC UA, CAN, Modbus, Siemens S7 Bus, or RS232/485. We’ll pick the matching configuration, install the unit on your machine and connect it to the internet. We can also easily connect an entire supply chain.


Security and flexibility stores your data in the cloud, granting you access anytime, from anywhere. Furthermore, is affordablecheap, secure and geared for high performance. Easy and quick access to your data is the basis for today’s challenges: Generating information from the data that enables you to improve your products, your productivity and the efficiency of your manufacturing process.


Gaining useful knowledge

Using our analytic tools, you and your customers can implement anything you need, from process monitoring to complex machine learning, in order to gain new insights into the processes. Furthermore, it’s possible to automate the breakdown of sensor data using statistical analyses. Easily programmable dashboards and our data preprocessing in the background work hand in hand, rendering distinct correlations visible.

We can bundle your specific questions and find the corresponding answers within your machine data. This can also be offered as a service to your customers.

One-of-a-kind in the whole industry

Plant management

User-friendly facility and machine management is available anytime from anywhere.

Real time analysis

The data flow from the machine to the cloud is virtually immediate and data processing in the cloud takes mere seconds.


We have constructed a modular system, which is easily expandable according to your current requirements and future wishes. It not only scales well in size but in function as well.


We provide a secure environment for your data with SOC conform EDPCs and in accordance with ISO 27017

Easy-to-integrate can be applied to almost all current facilities, even older ones.

Proof of concept

We can provide a decision base for your commitment within weeks.

With the technology from, we are able to crosslink not just our own machines but the whole supply-chain. It’s an unprecedented opportunity for us machine tool manufacturers and also for our customers and their customers: Efficient and sustainable production, less wastefulness and direct feedback for an enhanced final product.

André E. Barten, CEO Achenbach Buschhütten GmbH & Co. KG
Pilot scheme?

You’d like to test your own project for a couple of weeks? We can implement a proof of concept with your own facilities quickly and inexpensively. See for yourself.

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Paving the way to future

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.

Daniel Keys Moran, computer programmer and author bridges the gap between manufacturing and the digital world. We are building your solid digital basis so that you can continue with your products in a new technical up-to-date and economical way.

Implementation from a single source is your partner for equipping your facility with the power of digitalized manufacturing. For your proof of concept we’ll provide:

  • Hardware for the integration of your machines
  • SaaS platform for data storage
  • Software tools for analysis
  • A service partner to provide you and your customers with access to your data
  • Innovation support to help you implement your own ideas and strategies
Hardware integration

Plugging your machine control unit into the internet via a CloudPlug, we capture sensor data from your machine.

Customization uses modular software. Components and user interfaces can be added and tweaked to fit your individual needs.


We analyze the data from your machines using state of the art BigData technologies and produce easy-to-understand visualizations.

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