We make your machines smarter.

We bridge the gap between mechanical engineering and the digital world.

Industry 4.0: Where fundamentally different worlds collide. We are here to connect engineering, IT and data science.

Data - Information - Knowledge - Value

scitis.io helps you to access machine data and make it usable. We provide your company with competence and solutions: from hardware connection to a data-based business model.

IIoT from a single source

scitis.io offers a broad expertise in the areas of Industrial Internet of Things, data analysis, edge computing and Machine Learning (ML). With our wide network of partners, we can tackle your most unique digitisation challenges.

Scitis.io is bringing Industry 4.0 to SMEs

Regardless of company size, we enable a cost-efficient head-start into the fourth industrial revolution with a high long-term scalability. Whether for brownfield retrofitting or a feature of your latest product: the digital transformation of your mechanical and plant engineering begins with scitis.io.

No half measures

Optimisation Analysis

Discover the most critical influencing factors on cycle times and product quality. We give you the keys to fine-tuning your production processes faster and more effectively than ever.

Consumption Forecasts

Plan your energy resources with foresight founded on advanced models that consider external factors like the weather.

Wear And Tear Forecasts

Make the most of Predictive Maintenance (PdM) for failure prevention. We harness the full potential of Deep Learning and statistical models for you.

Reports from practice

Case Study: LOOXR

Into the digital age at high pressure.

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Case Study: Viessmann

Central heating networked with scitis.io

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Case Study: Achenbach Buschhütten

Digitisation at Germany's oldest mechanical engineering firm.

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