About us

scitis.io [skitis] (lat. scitis, you know) has taken on the task of making knowledge from machine data accessible to people.

Our Goal

is carrying the digital revolution into the industrial and especially the SME sector. We’re always looking for new ideas and pioneers who are willing to set out on new paths with us.

The Path To Success:

Experimenting on a small scale and allowing successes to build up quickly. For an easy entry into the world of machine data, chronologically and financially clearly-defined projects are the most suitable. Once successfully set up, our scalable infrastructure allows for a rapid roll-out on a large scale.

The Vision:

We believe, the future industrial world will be based as much in information as it is based on energy today. It is our vision to be the driving force, bringing other companies up to speed in that world.

The Team:

We are an ever-growing team of engineers, IT technicians, data science specialists and programmers. As a young company, we apply the full strength of our diverse expertise to our projects on a daily basis. That is what constitutes our strong team spirit.

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