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Connect your control to the cloud quick and safe

Data capturing is the foundation for the digital transformation. We offer you flexible solutions to connect your Machines and plants.

The Hardwarefamily CloudPlug allows you to connect to all common control units and upload the data to the cloud safely. A pure software version of the CloudPlug faciliates the safe connection to databases, servers and the cloud infrastructures.

For highly dynamic processes, measurements can be taken in millisecond steps. The CloudPlug is designed so it can always read the data faster than the control can provide it. The device management also runs in the cloud, so greater numbers of machines can be managed without excessive effort.

The variants CloudPlug edge and CloudPlug edge+ furthermore offer the possibility to run time critical data processing directly at the machine through docker containers. Monitor

Offer your customers your own IIOT platform

With our Edge Device – The CloudPlug – all common controls are connected quickly and safe.

We construct a portal just for you, where you can offer your customers monitoring and analysis of their own data. The portal will be created for your special requirements and in your company design.

Customizable dashboards with powerful analysis tools offer a great freedom for design and configuration. Software modules specially developed for your needs regarding the use of models, forecasts or other special functions can be integrated. Analyze

Quickly get your added value from the gathered data

You collected and recorded data and you don’t know how to get the desired information out of it?

That’s a task for our experts in statistics and data science. Gain a better understanding of your production data and the information it holds. Predict

See tomorrows production process today - thanks to data based models

The supreme discipline of data analysis: The process model with prediction ability. Together with you we choose a suitable model, prepare the data and provide the model as a software module which for example can be integrated in our portal.

Statistical Model

The classical way to model a process is to mathematically rebuild the physics its based on. That gives you robust models, well suited for error analysis for example.

The mathematical fundament allows for prediction of process parameters, that couldn’t be acquired so far.

Deep Learning

With neural networks, even complex processes can be modeled very precisely at minimum effort. All disturbance impacts and unknown effect are taken into account by the use of real data. An extensive data base which includes all process states is a prerequisite for that. Academy

Build up the expertise in your company, be one step ahead of the competition

What’s behind all those buzzwords Industry 4.0, IIoT and digital transformation? Why has everybody allegedly worked in these areas for years? What’s the added value and what’s just empty talk?

As a provider of IIoT solutions, we see it as our job to advise and train you in these areas. Our wide range of workshops, courses and lectures enables you to keep a clear sight through all this. We help you to achieve your goals and find new opportunities for innovation and find your way through the diversity of this new market.

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