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Put your machine data connectivity in our hands

Our experts build and manage your communication with your machines, your systems or your processes in D-A-CH, Europe and worldwide.

Data from machines and systems are the basis of new business models for you – we understand this and are ready to help you.

In times of environmental awareness and a shortage of raw materials, it is particularly interesting to know where there is potential for savings.

Are you enthusiastic about the performance and savings potential of Google Cloud? Then we offer a few interesting products.

scitis.io Connect

Connect your control system to the cloud quickly and securely

No surprises with your energy costs – that’s our motto in the field of energy monitoring. We make your consumption data visible in real time. This allows you to keep track of your costs or allocate them to products, batches or cost units for billing, no matter where your assets are located.

Our strength lies in handling tens of thousands of measuring points with thousands of measuring points – every second. This is where our framework really comes into its own. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in the complex field of Energy efficiency strategy for buildings.

scitis.io Monitor

Offer your customers your own IIoT platform

Our customers use our framework to generate aftersales revenue increases in the 2-digit range. Automated detection of conditions – at the right time – enables optimal asset management. This ensures seamless maintenance.

Efficient information feedback to aftersales staff using artificial intelligence enables your customer to create a precisely tailored follow-up offer during the term of the contract. So you can be sure that the next contract is on your side.

Take advantage of our expertise for your success and get in touch with us.

scitis.io Analyze

Start creating value from collected data quickly

Our Factory Data and Connectivity Platform is a comprehensive range of tools that allow you to monitor, document and control your manufacturing processes around the world, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

The main objective here is the transparency of your production processes. This allows you to increase your quality, detect production disruptions immediately and keep an eye on your energy and production costs. Turn your data lake of production and process data into a place of added value in the digital age. Train models and digital twins of your process to arrive at the efficiency of the 21st century.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more.

scitis.io Predict

See today what the production process will look like tomorrow - thanks to data-based models

We manage your Hono environment for you on your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) instance, which you can use to transfer data from MQTT streams into your application. Our scope of delivery ranges from installation, set-up and customisation of connectivity to operation and 24/7 monitoring of the data flow.

Sounds complicated? Feel free to ask us how you can benefit from Hono, too.

scitis.io Academy

Build up the expertise in your company, be one step ahead of the competition

What’s behind all those buzzwords Industry 4.0, IIoT and digital transformation? Why has everybody allegedly worked in these areas for years? What’s the added value and what’s just empty talk?

As a provider of IIoT solutions, we see it as our job to advise and train you in these areas. Our wide range of workshops, courses and lectures enables you to keep a clear sight through all this. We help you to achieve your goals and find new opportunities for innovation and find your way through the diversity of this new market.

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29.05.2024 - 29.05.2024 Google Cloud Summit Berlin - Arena Berlin
04.06.2024 - 04.06.2024 Google Cloud Summit München - Zenith München
12.06.2024 - 12.06.2024 Google Cloud Summit Offenbach - Fredenhagen Offenbach
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