Hamburger Containerboard

Automated quality control in paper production

Hamburger Containerboard GmbH is part of Prinzhorn Holding and produces high-quality corrugated case material products. Over three million tons of paper are produced annually – exclusively from recycled paper. For Europe’s leading producer, high product quality of the papers is of great importance.

The quality of the paper rolls is tested on the basis of the so-called ‘Bruchkraft’. ‘Bruchkraft’ describes the force required to break or tear a sample. However, this parameter is only measured at the end of production of each paper roll and no real-time values are available.

In order to ensure product quality during the production process and detect errors at an early stage, Hamburger Containerboard has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) with In the first step, the production machines were equipped with sensors for data acquisition. Subsequently, developed a virtual sensor that will predict the ‘Bruchkraft’ in the production process every minute within an error range of 5% from now on.

The predictive capabilities of AI henceforth enable parameters to be adjusted promptly and during production. The result is a resource-efficient production that is precisely matched to the required quality.

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With the cloud plug from, it was very easy for us to transfer the collected data to the cloud. With the help of, we managed to develop an initial model for a soft sensor within a few weeks and are now continuously optimizing it.'s experience in handling large amounts of data and sensor data has inspired us on our way and thus we are again one step closer to the digital factory.

Michael Krumay, Head of Technics at W. Hamburger GmbH Pitten, Austria