With compressed air into the digital age

Compressed air is one of the oldest energy sources in the industrialised world. LOOXR has set itself the goal to bring this energy source into the digital age. scitis.io operates the infrastructure and further develops the portal together with LOOXR and supports the vision of the company: the digitalised compressed air chain.

Thanks to the software jointly developed by scitis.io and LOOXR, LOOXR customers receive a comprehensive data collection and evaluation. Via the specially developed IIoT gateway, LOOXR can provide an effective and cost-efficient connection of the compressor stations without having to rely on the infrastructure available at the customer’s site. In this way LOOXR can offer the end user a high level of supply security with optimum use of the compressed air station.

Among other things, the data evaluation during the compressed air production allows to adjust the operating points of the individual compressors to the overall system and to significantly increase the efficiency of the plants. Leaks can be detected and eliminated at an early stage and the service life of the system can be extended by permanently monitoring the operating parameters.

With LOOXR, compressed air as a resource can be billed exactly according to consumption – in the pay-per-use model. The technology of the portal allows the end user to better control his own consumption and to save costs, without the need for complex installation and expensive operation of his own hardware. Together with LOOXR, scitis.io ensures that compressed air will remain an attractive energy source for industrial applications in the future.

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scitis.io enables us to go completely new ways with the Looxr portal. There is massive savings potential in compressed air technology, which we cannot tap without concrete evaluation of the situation on site.

Peter Maier, managing director of LOOXR GmbH